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January 17, 2020

1. Log in to Infinite Campus.

2. Click on More.

3. Click on SLDS.

4. Click on My Career Plan.

5. Click on Go to YouScience.

6. Create a YouScience account.

January 16, 2020

Follow the link to CLWK Copyright. Make a Copy onto your Drive. Complete the classwork to the best of your ability. Share the Google doc with Dayton once finished.

Korean version


DEADLINE: Thursday, January 16 at end of class

January 13, 2020

**We're going to start this today. Tomorrow we'll continue our InDesign DEMO. Then, you will have Wednesday to complete the collage.

Create a collage about YOU in InDesign.


document size = 11" x 14" horizontal or vertical orientation, your choice

include 8-10 images, a background, and a bit of text

Look online for collage layout ideas.


DEADLINE = Wednesday, January 15 @ end of class

January 12, 2020

MON: continue DEMO InDesign; continue working on Assignment #7


TUE: continue DEMO InDesign; CLWK Collage; continue working on Assignment #7​


WEDcontinue working on CLWK Collage due @ end; continue working on Assignment #7​


THU: discuss copyright; CLWK Copyright due @ end; continue working on Assignment #7


FRI: discuss work flow from client to designer; CLWK Careers and Professional Organizations; continue working on Assignment #7

January 8, 2020

Watch the Principles of Design podcast. In your sketchbooks, take notes as you watch the podcast.

January 8, 2020

Try your hand at identifying and shooting the serif! You'll need to copy/paste the link below into FireFox or Safari and allow it to use Flash. Then you can play!



January 7, 2020

Assignment overview


DUE Friday, January 24 @ end of class

January 7, 2020

Follow this link to try your hand at kerning.

January 6, 2020

Follow the link to the Typography Prezi. Click through and take notes in your sketchbooks, paying close attention to all of the vocabulary.

January 5, 2020

MON: overview of semester 2; discuss importance of typography; CLWK Typography due @ end


TUE: continue discussing typography; Assignment #7 Alphabetography


WED: continue discussing typography; CLWK Principles of Design due @ end; continue working on Assignment #7


THU: discuss good and bad design; continue working on Assignment #7


FRI: overview of Adobe InDesign; DEMO InDesign; continue working on Assignment #7

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